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Straight Puller (SP) by Yanker Tool The SP is designed to pull all trucking things that need pulling. 

  • Pulls 'Straight' Fifth Wheel releases Holland or Fontaine that pull virtually straight out with ease.
  • Pulls Tandem slider release.

Why Use a Puller Tool? Pulling 5th wheel and tandem releases are known to cause driver injury. 

The SP reduces ‘end range motion,’ which reduces risk of injury. These injuries are both very painful, and very costly.


  1. Painful & long recovery time for Rotator Cuff Just ask somebody who has been through it It is very painful Medical costs surgery, meds, therapy.
  2. Recovery can take 6 months
  3. Re-injury and complications can go on for years (Re-injury rates often as high as 95%)
  4. Increased Workers Comp insurance rates over a period of years

Injured drivers say that you never really recover 100% recoveries are truly rare and unusual usually, it's a lifetime handicapping event