CDO (Container Door Opener)

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Two Solutions, One Tool: the CDO

The CDO delivers the strongest fifth wheel puller tool combined with the strength and utility of a container door opener tool. These two components reduce the chance of driver injury from two very hazardous and injury prone tasks a driver does on a repeating basis: 5th wheel release pulling; container door opening.

One of the smallest investments, but with greatest potential return a driver or a fleet can make.

Mitigates Two known sources of driver injury risk

  1. Pulling fifth wheel release
  2. Opening stuck and dangerous doors

The cost is tiny in comparison to the benefit:
A CDO costs about  1 / 10,000th the cost of a typical rotator cuff injury. This investment in safety is a no brainer: you can’t beat the ROI. If you buy for a whole fleet, and prevent even just one rotator cuff injury, it is a big financial win.

The CDO transforms the two most physically risky, dirty, and difficult tasks a driver repeatedly faces. The CDO makes the tasks much easier, far safer.