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Pulling a 'straight pull' release is hazardous enough.  Add the multiple torque demands of the Jost®, and risk of injury increases.

This is the Yanker Tool 'BASIC' model. The patented design opens the Jost® 5th wheel release, and all others.  Jost is the one you have to reach in under the trailer, lift the handle vertically, then push it toward the cab, and then pull it out. 

Pulling the Jost® release can be very difficult.  Pulling all 5th wheels is risky for injuries. 

Extended range motion, outside of your power zone, reaching far under the trailer are well known to cause injuries including: 

  • Rotator cuff injuries
  • Wrist  injuries
  • Elbow  injuries
  • Arm  injuries
  • back injuries

If you drop and hook with any frequency, you really want to look at the XHD model. 

The XHD is "Driver's Choice" 
Not sure the Yanker Tool is worth it?  Just ask a a driver who has had a rotator cuff injury.  They'll tell you.

It's the cheapest, and best insurance you'll ever buy.  Not to mention keeping you out of the mud, grease, slush, and filth involved in pulling the release without a Yanker Tool.