The patented Yanker Tool CDO : Two truck driver injury prevention safety tools in one.


Two truck driver injury prevention safety tools in one: XHD & CDO

A Jost brand 5th wheel release puller AND a trailer / container door opener!


The radical Yanker Tool XHD, is uniquely designed to perform the Jost brand fifth wheel release pull (up, forward, and out).  A jaw-dropping transformation of one of the hardest and most injury-prone jobs a truck driver has to do.  Just put the Yanker Tool into the Jost handle, turn it like a key, pull, and you’re released!


Another difficult and physically hazardous hazardous task a truck driver has to do is to open the container doors at the rear of the trailer. This is very common with freight containers. Not as common, but still present with freight trailer doors too. Notoriously badly stuck shut after crossing the ocean, many driver injuries have resulted from trying to open container doors. The CDO makes that problem go away!

The Yanker Tool CDO provides the driver the Power needed to open any: Jost brand 5th wheel release (all other brands too) or; container or trailer door, that doesn’t need mechanical repair or intervention. (If it ain’t broke, this Tool will open it!)

Both tasks: pulling the release; and opening stuck doors are highly frequent causes of truck driver injury. Particularly torn rotator cuff injuries. A rotator cuff injury: is immensely expensive; is awfully painful; can take 3 to 6 months to recover; often requires surgery; you never fully recover (95 % re-injury rate!); and some drivers are never able to get medically certified to drive ever again. So, it can take your job, and your career.

Container doors, particularly those that have been shipped across the ocean, are notorious for being extremely difficult to open. The salty sea air: affects the rubber seal between the door and the door jamb; builds extra friction on the door cams. It creates a dangerous “Witches Brew” of stuck shut doors. Trying to pull those open have torn more than a few driver rotator cuffs.

The rear doors of a container or trailer can become stuck for a number of other reasons. The alignment of the walls and the doors can shift creating a stuck door. If the alignment of the trailer doorway is off, that state of incorrect ‘plumb’ can disturb the trailer doors, and hold them squeezed shut. Doors get frozen shut too in cold weather – I know of a rotator cuff injury that came exactly from that.

Of course the interior contents of the trailer or the container can shift loading and unnatural degree of pressure on the doors which can really make opening the doors difficult, as well as dangerous. The CDO provides another 2 to 4 feet of safe distance from being crushed by falling freight.

The CDO (container door opener) model of the Yanker Tool is beefed-up specifically for the extra torque that a stuck door my require. The shaft has been increased to 5/8” round steel the 1/2” round steel shaft of the XHD. The container door opener attachment is 3/16” rectangular steel tube, thoroughly welded on to the fifth wheel puller apparatus of the Yanker Tool.

So you get the strongest fifth wheel puller combined with the strength and utility of a container door opener tool. These two components are focused to reduce the chance of injury of the two most hazardous physical operations a truck driver has to deal with on a daily basis.

This is one of the best safety and convenience Investments available in the trucking industry today. Two forms of injury prevention plus two forms of driver convenience. At a tiny price: about 1 ten thousandth of the cost of the injury the anchor tool is designed to prevent. That’s 1 / 10,000th the cost of a typical rotator cuff injury.

If you run a fleet, or are a solo owner operator an ROI on a safety investment is almost impossible to beat.  The transformation of the two most difficult tasks a driver has to face on a regular basis, into a simple, easy, stress-free, no fret, ‘snap of a job,’ is worth several times the price alone.

The Yanker Tool line of Safety Products recently debuted at the Mid-America truck show in Louisville last March. The feedback from the drivers was overwhelming.

The out-and-out joy was abundant. Drivers took one look at the video and knew what the Yanker Tool does. The happiness and gratitude expressed by the drivers with the Yanker Tool was real. Seeing the drivers delight for these 2 solutions for dangerous and difficult driver jobs was just over the top. Some drivers thanked the Yanker Tool Team directly for making their lives better with this tool.

Any driver who has to deal with the Jost fifth wheel release pull can recognize instantly what the tool does, and the relief that it brings. Drivers would take a short look look at the demonstration video, look at me and say; “Great Idea; Thank you; I want one; I want my company to buy these.”

The Yanker Tool line of Safety products. Made by a driver for drivers.


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