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Welcome to Yanker Tool

The Yanker Tool performs the ‘up-over-and out’ motion the Jost© safety catch 5th wheel release mechanisms require at uncoupling. Simply hook the ‘thumb’ of the Yanker into the Jost© release pull handle, set the ‘foot’ of the Yanker onto the frame rail, turn it like a key, and then pull outward as usual. With the Yanker this release operation is performed close to your body, while standing upright, beside the rig instead of beneath it, all while maintaining stable footing.

Why you should purchase the Yanker Tool

You can use your whole body to pull the handle instead of just one stretched out arm that is also simultaneously lifting and pushing forward. This makes the release operation much easier to perform and your exposure to rotator cuff and lumbar injury is hugely diminished. An injury costs everyone time and money.

  • No more fighting to lift, push forward, and then pull out while you are off-balance and hyper-extended, all while using just one hand.
  • No more reaching in three feet to grab the 5th wheel release, while squeezed in over the wheels and under the trailer.
  • No more ruined clothing from grease, mud, slush, and general road filth.
  • No more major risk of rotator cuff damage, pulling a muscle, a slip and fall, or worse.

You, your body, and your clothing will all be happier with a Yanker Tool.

We guarantee it.


This works great with the Jost 5th wheel. The turn key motion pulls it out and lifts it over. Great for my husband that has hurt his shoulder by hand pulling it. Thank you very much. Very good company to deal with. We have recommended this to all of our truck driving friends and the company my husband works for.

kcsras66, Amazon Purchase

Works as advertised. Wish I had one of these years ago. Definitely recommend.

Dan Kelly, Amazon Purchase

I can honestly say, as far as purchases for the truck goes this is the best purchase I have ever made. It is worth every dime I spent for it. As I told Mr Oswald, the first night I used it I wish I had had more drop and hooks that night I was so impressed. I This thing is masssive and very sturdy, very well made. Whether you have a Jost fifth wheel or not it also works as a regular fifth wheel puller. I totally admit that the price scared me, wasn’t sure if I could justify the purchase. It is worth every dime I spent for it. This tool is very well made and designed. I further impressed when I called Mr Oswald before the purchase, he IS an actual driver and we talked for about 15 minutes, he took time out if his schedule to speak with me, I appreciated that.

‎Rodger Jeffcoat, Driver

Awesome! Yeah, we have received great feedback from all of our drivers on the Yanker Tool. Great product!!

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