Injury Risks

Commercial truck drivers have similar rates of injury to professional athletes.  Back injuries are the most common, followed by shoulder injuries.  The Yanker Tool helps protect against both.

“…shoulder injuries were the second most common driver injury, but, even more important, it took longer to heal, cost more downtime, and often required more extensive treatments than back problems.”*

“The reason we think that they (shoulder injuries) take much longer to get over is because a lot of them require surgery. They’re going to involve either a rotator cuff tear or perhaps involve a labral tear or both.”*

*Kahaner, Larry 19 Jan. 2018.

Commercial truck drivers are highly vulnerable to  shoulder and back injuries.

Rotator Cuff

Shoulder joint, blade, and rotator cuff injuries are complex.  They are complicated to heal, usually requiring surgery to repair.  Recovery is long, painful, and difficult. 

Back Injuries

Back injuries are largest category of injury for commercial truck drivers.  They tend to heal faster and cost less than a shoulder repair but are also quite costly in terms of money and off duty time loss.

This means a potential loss in wages for drivers, and a major cost in lost productivity for business owners.

  • It reduces the risk for back and shoulder injuries.
  • Driver stands erect, not under the trailer or squashed in among the tires.
  • Driver has maximum ergonomic advantage, not maximum ergonomic risk.
  • It safeguards career longevity and productivity.


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