Drivers are scarce.

Protect yours.

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Injuries are part of trucking, that's a fact. The Yanker Tool offers the best return (ROI) for your Safety Dollar.

Truck drivers have the 3rd highest rate of occupational injury. Managing that risk boosts the bottom line.

You Know The Costs:


Lost productivity


Rehabilitation costs for long-term employees


The financial impact of replacing and retraining new drivers


Increased costs of workers comp coverage


The stress on your business of losing a valuable member of the team over preventable injury.

Yanker Tool helps minimize the risk of driver injury, and the related costs, improving your bottom line.

It’s simple.
It’s effective.
It’s inexpensive.
And it always works.

It’s the Yanker Tool.

Why The Yanker Tool?

The Yanker Tool is a refined, engineered and patented tool. This release puller, or pin puller, opens the Jost 5th wheel safely and effortlessly. Levered between the Jost handle and the truck frame, the driver turns the Yanker handle just like a key. This is an ergonomic, easy, and clean way to reduce injury in your drivers. The Yanker works on all other 5th wheels too.

  • Stop ergonomically hazardous bending, crouching, and straining.
  • Stop extended range motion.
  • Stop pulling dynamic weight loads far beyond OSHA recommendations.
  • Stop repetitive motion stresses that cause costly catastrophic injury.

The Yanker Tool helps keep your drivers clean, safe, and injury free.   The driver is not squashed between the tires, under the trailer, risking his arm, back, and shoulder.  He’s standing erect, with good footing, using his Power Zone to great ergonomic advantage.

Never put your drivers at risk by pulling a release by hand ever again.  The Yanker Tool reduces the risk of injury from that part of the job.  Protect your driver as an asset, manage costs, and maximize your bottom line.  Nothing beats the ROI on the Yanker Tool.


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Truckers do not wait, get this productS Vitale - Amazon
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I’m a 7 year truck driver and this product is amazing! I double drop and hook 8 times a day and my shoulder started feeling the wear and tear before I purchased this puller. I can now use 2 arms instead of 1 and release the fifth wheel from a comfortable position. People complain about the price and I don’t know why, it’s worth every penny.
Only one we use in our fleetDylan- Amazon
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This puller is the only one that drivers prefer and is the only one we use in our fleet now. It works amazing and can use it for any 5th wheel design as well. Shipping was also fast! Best bang for your buck! Basic Model.
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I am a local driver who does 5 to 8 drop & Hooks per night. My company got new 2019 trucks equiped with the Jost safety catch fifth wheel release mechanism which requires the puller handle to be pulled out a little then picked up and moved to the left all the while you are between the trailer and the truck with a very unnatural movement. This movement was hurting my shoulder, which had been injured previously, causing me to be in pain for most of my shift. I bought the Yanker Tool XHD Fifth Wheel Pin Puller and found the process was so simple for pulling the puller handle and the whole process takes about 5 seconds. I also want to thank Yanker Tools for their prompt shipping and was so great on the phone. For anyone working with the Jost safety catch fifth wheel you cannot go wrong by having the Yanker Tool Puller to save you time, frustration, and possible injury to your shoulder.

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