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There’s never been a Driver’s Tool like the XHD.

There’s never been a price like this for it either.

Pops open the Jost© fifth wheel release mechanism like a hot knife goes through butter.  If you’ve seen it in use, you know it’s jaw-dropping AMAZING!  You’ll never ‘sweat’ pulling a Jost© release again. Reduce risk of driver injury.  Apply maximum ergonomic advantage, with feet planted, while standing erect squarely beside the trailer, not crouched in underneath it.   Use 2 hands and the core strength of your body in your ‘power zone.’  Not hazardously over-extended risking your shoulder, arms, back, and wrist.  No extreme end-range-motion using just 1 hand.  No more hugging the tires with the road filth, rain, mud, snow, and everything else on a road.  No more reaching in under the trailer, getting grease on you, and then everywhere else. The XHD pulls the Jost© fifth wheel release, and all others too.

Safe.  Clean.  Easy.

The XHD by Yanker Tool.

It is a game changer.

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  • The XHD model, Xtra Heavy Duty
  • For driver convenience and SAFETY
  • 36.5’’ length, 1/2’’ steel stock, 3.4 lbs, chrome-like plated
  • Extremely capable and durable.
  • A ‘lifetime’ tool.
  • Big triangular handle for both hands, or, insert a bar for extreme leverage.
  • Works well with other fifth wheel releases.
  • Invented and made by a driver for drivers.
  • Made in the USA.

The Yanker Tool opens the Jost© 5th wheel release.  It does the ‘up-over-and out’ motion required by the driver.  Hook the ‘thumb’ of the Yanker into the Jost© release pull handle, set the ‘foot’ onto the tractor frame rail.  Then turn it like a key, and pull outward as usual. Very easy. Very clean. Very safe.  No more crouching down, bending over, hyper-extending your body.  No more ‘end range motion’ injury risk for shoulder, arms, back, or wrist.  No more repetitive pulling in a way your body is just not designed to operate.

The Yanker Tool reduces risk of rotator cuff injury from pulling the fifth wheel release, which is a leading cause of that injury.  It also reduces risk of other injuries to backs, shoulders, elbows, and wrists.   With the Yanker Tool the driver pulls the release safely and sanely, while standing straight up, along side the rig.  The driver uses their core body strength, 2 hands, the ‘power zone,’ and has good stable footing.  The driver is not crouched down and stuffed in between the wheels and under the trailer, with the snow, ice, mud, or slush.  Not using only 1 hand to simultaneously lift the handle, and push it forward, and then to pull it out.  Our bodies are just not designed to work that way.  It’s an ergonomic nightmare.  Don’t be a fool. Use the Tool.

The Yanker Tool was designed and built by a driver for safety and convenience.  It makes pulling the Jost© 5th wheel release just a breeze!  When you see it in action, it is jaw-droppingly amazing! You’ll never be stopped, or delayed, by a stuck or stubborn 5th wheel release ever again.  And that feels purely good.  The XHD is the driver’s best choice for frequent drop & hook.  Or, if you have to deal with un-adjusted and un-greased 5th wheels.  Or, if you want to simply never worry about a Jost© ever again, you want this tool.  The XHD is all the release puller tool a driver will ever need.

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What Truckers Say:

Click Here to get 20% OFF Your XHD Today Only!
Click Here to get 20% OFF Your XHD Today Only!



Rotator cuff surgery, recovery takes anywhere from four to six months, with a full recovery taking up to a year. Even after going through surgery and successful rehabilitation, there is still a chance for re-injury for up to 12 months following.  Don’t be a fool get the tool!

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