Yanker Tool Reviews – Kreigh Spar

Meet Kreigh Spar,

Operator, Action In Motion Truck Driving.
Program Manager, Cuyahoga Community College, Truck Driving Academy in Euclid, OH
CDL license test examiner.

Favorite Tool – Yanker Tool CDO

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Yanker Tool – The BEST Fifth Wheel Pin Puller

The Yanker Tool performs the ‘up-over-and out’ motion the Jost© safety catch fifth wheel release mechanisms require at uncoupling. Simply hook the ‘thumb’ of the Yanker into the Jost© release pull handle, set the ‘foot’ of the Yanker onto the frame rail, turn it like a key, and then pull outward as usual. With the Yanker this release operation is performed close to your body, while standing upright, beside the rig instead of beneath it, all while maintaining stable footing.